America Achieves

Fellowship for Teachers and Principals

Welcome Principals and Teachers!

America Achieves helps communities and states leverage policy, practice, and leadership to build high-quality educational systems and prepare each young person for success in careers, college, and citizenship.

The America Achieves Fellowship for Teachers and Principals enables the nation's best educators to impact education policy, practice, and public debates. The Fellows are a diverse group of teachers and principals from across the United States who are committed to improving academic outcomes for all students, strengthening their own professional learning, and amplifying their voices in conversations about public education.

The foundation of the Fellowship is the belief that outstanding teachers and principals - people who have led students to breakthrough achievement and outcomes - are best positioned to drive improvements in education policy and practice. The America Achieves Fellowship helps such education experts expand their impact far beyond their schools.

Through the Fellowship, Fellows have advised leaders such as Education Secretary Arne Duncan, governors from both political parties, national and state legislators, mayors, superintendents, education researchers, union and community leaders, and instructional material designers to drive positive outcomes for all American students.

Our Fellowship primarily impacts three issue areas:

  • Higher Bar: Fellows advocate for greater expectations for student achievement and support their colleagues to deliver a better education for all students in their schools, districts, states, and nation-wide. Many Fellows are working to ensure effective Common Core implementation from the state capital to the classroom.
  • Advancing the Teaching Profession: Fellows are leading efforts to establish a profession that attracts, develops, supports, rewards, and retains top talent. Examples of Fellows' district- and state-level projects include designing teacher career lattices and promoting teacher leadership and hybrid roles for educators.
  • Family Engagement: Working alongside parents and communities is essential to creating lasting improved outcomes for all students. Fellows are engaging and supporting families, creating wrap-around community support networks, and working in communities across income levels in the believe that all children must have a high quality education.

Seeking Outstanding Teachers and Principals

The Fellowship selects educators who have proven outstanding results for students, demonstrated leadership in their school communities, and seek to expand their voice in public policy on establishing a higher bar for students, advancing the teaching profession, and family engagement.

To join the Fellowship, teachers and principals must be able to demonstrate their effectiveness with data and be committed to three principles:

  • All children can achieve at high-levels when adults take responsibility to make this happen.
  • Effective educators can improve the education system by engaging in the policy process.
  • Public conversations about education must be evidence-based, include diverse stakeholders, and be conducted with respect for all.

America Achieves Fellows are:

  • A diverse group, representative of many grade-levels, subjects, types of schools, linguistic and ethnic groups, ages, regions of the country, and opinions.
  • Reflective, thoughtful advocates and practicioners who continually improve their practice utilizing research, data, and collaborative networks.
  • Commited to improving education policy and practice through local, state and national impact projects.
  • Engaged in solutions-oriented, respectful, and evidence-based public conversations about education with people of diverse backgrounds.
  • Voices from the field who take advantage of communication tools to inform local and national conversations on education.
  • Eager to speak and write about their success and challenges in improving outcomes in their classrooms and schools.

For more information about compensation, responsibilities, and programming offered to the fellows, please, take a look at the fellowship's Charter here.

Should you have questions, please fill the form out here and submit, we'd be glad to help!

The 2014 application process is now closed.

America Achieves gratefully acknowledges the support of:

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